Home security system caldwell – Factors to consider

With increasing domestic invasions, people are thinking more about defending their homes from these intruders and a wireless protection device could be the solution for you. They are fast and easy to install. Compared to other similar systems the cost of this system is very cost effective. Some of the features I like about this system is that you can customize it to suit your home and by managing the device yourself, you save money each month. Have a look at home security system caldwell for more info on this.

There are several components in the Mace Wireless Home Protection System: 1) Base Unit 2) Door / Window Sensor 3) Motion Detector 4) Remote Control If your door / window with the sensor on it is opened in your house, the alarm will sound. If the distance is broken, the motion detector which has a range of up to 8 yards would also set off the alarm. The base unit, which does require a land line telephone, is programmable for up to five different telephone numbers. The device will dial the first number on the list when the alarm is heard allowing the person to choose to listen to the room at home, talk to the room or disarm the alarm. Since I have two little dachshunds who are all day in and out of their little dog door, that’s perfect for me. I will listen and see whether it’s they or an intruder, then make the decision and call or not call the police and literally disarm the device wherever I’m from. If the first number is not replied, the second number is called and the list is down. There is a panic feature on the remote control unit, and you can arm and disarm the alarm.

This device can be extended, so you can add more window / door sensors to each window in your building. You can also add more motion detectors to your house, and attach remotes for all. This device really is a great deterrent and without breaking the bank, you can have it! You can know when things in your home aren’t right, even when you’re not. This will enable you to call police from a distance, if necessary, instead of taking the chance to walk in on an in progress burglary. Your home and family’s protection is invaluable, and that device will give you the peace of mind you’re searching for.