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Coffee preparation methods are multiple. That approach has its own unique characteristics which match a variety of tastes and lifestyles. Here are some of the coffee preparation methods that are more common and interesting, and the types of machines or equipment for each. Visit us on Tips To Staying Productive On Your Travels – Prim Mart.

The use of PERCOLATOR is one of the most common ways of brewing coffee. Boiling water is filtered through the coffee grounds several times over. This is an old favorite, particularly when used with coffee which is very slight. The resultant bitterness of the coffee that is caused by prolonged overboilingis one downside of percolation.

AUTOMATIC DRIP brewing tends to take a lot of the guesswork out of coffee preparation. Cold water is poured into a tank and heated to the appropriate temperature; the water pulses in a filter through the ground coffee that awaits. Some models have a switch that slows water pulsing to allow for a rich brew, even if only a few cups are needed.

MANUAL DRIP coffee makers use a similar paper FILTER CONE to that used in Automatic Drip system. Water is heated separately, and at first a small quantity is poured over the coffee grounds, allowing them to “blossom”-to open up and release their flavor (see “Agony of the Leaves” in Tea Through the Ages-before pouring into the rest of the water to drip through the filter.